game crashes when extracting multiple creatures with Soul Eater

Windows 10

game crashes when extracting cores from multiple creatures at the same time with Soul Eater
This only happens when enemy is resurrected from some effects which prompts extraction animation/text.

This only happens when killing+extracting enemies with “At the start of battle” effects/spells.

Can you post the crash log when it happens, please?

I tried different kinds of “T0” damages and all of them trigger this. If all enemies are killed** then there is no crash. If at least one of them resurrect/transformed or summon other creatures (Horde nemesis) then the game will crash. When I don’t use Soul Eater there is no problem.

Even the most basic setup caused this.

Set up
A mage with No Deity point spent
No runes
In normal realm, CJ bonus at 0%
2 creatures,
Dragon Queen / Soul Eater
Pit Wraith Redeemer / no artifact

I used a Roofstalker Wight charm to summon some of them at a low floor, entered the battle killed them and the game crashed.

The green extract successful text popped up on the top left of the screen, if that matters.

I keep getting an error when trying to post the log so I’m attaching the screenshot of the note.

Edit: ** If all enemies are killed WITH NO RESURRECTION/SUMMON then there is no crash.

crash log.bmp (849 KB)

Thanks, I’ll take a look!

Could you please upload your save file to our cloud storage (at the title screen) with the party setup you mentioned and tell me your cloud ID? I still can’t seem to make the game crash even with the exact team you described.