Game crashing every level

I’m really unsure about what is going on at this point but with my ret pally the game crashes almost every level to the point I feel like I have to save after every fight or big item I pick up. The game just doesn’t seem to like retaliation damage and really doesnt like the Minotaur earthshakers. I can send my save file again if need be but no crash reports appear on screen. The game just freezes and then closes. Despite this I’m really enjoying the game and glad to be part of the alpha!

I’m going to continue trying new things to keep this from happening in the next patch, but you’ll probably want to try a different type of team (especially one without Fracture - worst case scenario, I might need to change the way the trait works if nothing else solves the problem).

I think with everything going on it might be just a little too much with the fracture trait. If future fixes don’t correct the issue with how it performs I might have a suggestion on how to tone it down and still make it great in situations like this. My team is really strong utilizing it so I think it could handle being changed up resulting in a slight loss. Instead of taking 50% of the damage taken and giving it to a team wide aoe, maybe it could take 50-75% and translate that into an attack with splash damage equal to the sweeping smash trait but with the retaliation factor. That would reduce it to 3 targets instead of 6 possibly saving calculations.

It would go something like this: Minotaur->provoke->paladin reckoning attack->enemy hit->sweeping strikes with the addition of 50-75% the damage taken on 3 targets. That would eliminate half of the potential interactions the game has to calculate when dealing with all of these fused traits. Either that or have it only return damage based on physical attacks because as of right now it seems to work with anything. Sure that might limit the damage with spell casters but I get around that by basically attacking my own minotaur and sending that damage to the enemy.

Ok I did my best to narrow this down and I can seemingly play without crashes now. I think my team had a lot of convoluted aspects to it and it was pushing the engine too hard. First I went through combat without holding down E to speed through it. That worked! So lets see what was stressing it out that it couldn’t handle on turbo mode.
First I eliminated the coupling of Lust and an artifact trait Pandemonium Brilliance. The game seemed to freeze on my Valk lancer frequently and I figured it might have been trying to auto cast a spell gem that it gained that wasn’t meant to be auto casted. Secondly I removed Wings of Despair from another minotaur. Occasionally on multi cast maps this creature would end up with an overflow of buffs often looping back multiple times.
I’m going to do a bit more testing and see if this lets me use turbo mode again and I might try eliminating the thorns trait next as a test. More news at 11.

Victory! I can play with no crashes and turbo mode in combat! Removing Lust/Pandemonium Brilliance and Wings of Despair was enough to make it all work with no real impact to my teams functionality. Thanks for this wonderful sandbox of a game! I love this type of thing where you can just completely expand on a theory you have and end up making it a reality. Excellent work, this is the best siralim yet!

That’s strange, I wouldn’t have expected those traits to be the culprit. Glad you found a way to play without the constant crashing, though. I will still be making some improvements in the next patch to hopefully prevent this from happening in the future, since obviously the game shouldn’t crash regardless of which traits you use.