Game Crashing on Cloud Export

At present, this crash is happening whenever I try to export my save to the cloud. I’m playing on iPhone 8, v1.0.6.

Since I bought the game a couple weeks ago, I’ve been cloud transferring my save between this phone and my 7th gen ipad, also using 1.0.6, on a daily basis and never had an issue. I’m not sure how to help with trying to reproduce the issue, as this just started out of the blue this evening during what I’d describe as ‘normal play’.

I’ve tried exporting and redownloading the game, exporting to a different save slot, and trying to progress until the save updates, then exporting. Nothing has helped so far.

Also, don’t know if this is relevant or related, but load times increased drastically once I decorated my castle. Now there are around 500 objects in it, and loading into new environments or trying to save takes 30+ seconds, up from 1-2 when I was using a basic, pretty much undecorated castle.

Thank you, any help appreciated.

Working on a fix for this now, thanks for the report!

Sounds good, thanks. And I gotta say, thank you for this game in general! It’s an absolute gem, and I can’t believe I’m only just now hearing about it.

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Came to report this bug as well. Great game but the save is now trapped on my phone !! hope it’s resolved soon.