Game Development


I am a new fan and really enjoyed my time playing Siralim 2 after searching for games similar to dragon warrior monsters! I can’t wait to jump into Siralim Ultimate. I am interested in game development and was wondering how you got your start with GameMaker? Did you learn to code first or use GML Visual? If you could go back would you choose another language?

Hello! I’d definitely encourage you to learn how to code before you get started with game development. GML Visual is nice for beginners, but ultimately, you will be severely limited by it and will eventually want to learn to code anyway.

I’ve been using GMS for 8-9 years now and while it has had its ups and downs, it’s in a very solid place right now and I don’t see myself switching engines any time soon. I think it’s the best engine out there for 2D games.

Ok thank you for the reply!! I am getting started on the tutorials they have on their website! :slight_smile: