Game exits automatically if not in focus

  1. Bug? May be intended behavior

  2. If the game is not in focus for ~15 minites or longer (say, you’re checking your texts), the game will restart upon attempting to refocus, and does not save any unsaved progress.

  3. Android, Samsung Galaxy S4

  4. 2.0.22

  5. Rather annoying, as progress has way too often been lost this way. Also, unrelated: on Android, pressing Back instantly closes the game, and it is very easy to do so accidentally, erasing your current realm progress. A confirmation or disabling the button entirely would be nice.

This is just Android freeing up memory to make room for other apps to run (or maybe it’s a task killer app you downloaded yourself), so there’s not a lot I can do there. Make sure you use the save and continue option before checking your texts or switching to another app.

Ah, I assumed as much. Thank you anyway. Would it be possible to at least get the game to auto-save when the app is killed?