Game exported to cloud from Linux cannot be imported

Platform: Linux
Version: 1.3.6
Problem: Game exported to the cloud cannot be imported anymore. Tried importing on the same machine, on a Windows computer and an Android phone without success. Sharing between Windows and Android worked the whole time for me, this is the first time that I tried playing on Linux.
Cloud ID: 989743445426
Corrupted Save Game: First Slot; Lirrith, Level 123 Nature Mage - Time: 20:53:36

Sorry for the trouble!

What platform did you first export this save file on right before this happened?

I was playing on Android 1.3.5 before this happened. Then i played on Linux 1.3.6 and when i exported from there i could not import it anywhere anymore.

The save was originally started around christmas on Android in case this makes a difference.

EDIT: I did some more experimenting.

I copied my save games over to a Windows computer and exported the save game from there. This save game can now be found in the 5th slot of the cloud save. This save game can now be imported without any issues on all three platforms that i am testing with.

Afterwards I quickly started a new game on my Linux machine, played until I could save, exported this save game to the cloud and tried to import it on the same machine again. This resulted in the same corrupted save as before.

I forgot to add that to my original bug report: The save game can be imported, but the character does not have any creatures anymore.

In case it helps here a quick description of my save game slots:

Cloud Saves:
Slot 1: Original save game exported from Linux
Slot 2: Beta save game, not relevant for this bug
Slot 3: Save game newly created on Linux and exported to the cloud
Slot 4: Older version of my original save game, exported from Windows
Slot 5: Save game that was copied over to Windows from my Linux machine and then exported to the cloud

I tried to post this as a new answer including an attachment with the save game folder of my Linux machine, but unfortunately the forum did not let me post a new answer to this thread.

I hope any of this information helps with narrowing down what might be wrong here. I will switch to a new cloud id, so feel free to mess with those save games as you wish.

Let me know if I can provide any additional information that might be helpful.

Thanks for the detailed information! That should definitely help me to narrow down the problem.

Again, sorry for the issue!

An older post, I know, but this issue still exists on the latest Steam version on Linux. Even re-importing to a different save slot after exporting from Linux ends up with a save with no creatures (and possibly artifacts/gems/etc).

Sorry for the lack of resolution with this issue. I think I narrowed down the problem (it only seems to happen on certain Linux distributions), but found that it’s an issue with GameMaker that they need to fix on their end before I can release a patch for this. Whenever that happens, I will release an update as quickly as possible.