Game frozen at teleporting to lv 289 normal realm/save file gone/restoring fail

After waiting for a few i finished the process. After launcing game again, local save file was gone. Good i had some not too far backups in the cloud, still, 52 levels on char and i dont remember what i was doing. Game was left running for a night, after that i tried teleporting. Checked files integrity after - all was ok.
Went to cloud storage, picked import, it accessed the cloud, after importing it said success but save file didnt appear, couldnt continue game.
so apparently for some reason import from cloud that earlier worked for me, doesnt want to work

EDIT: manually getting to files when its ‘downloading from cloud’, copying and renaming did the job. But doing so via game’s interface doesnt work :stuck_out_tongue:
Still lots of issues for one morning.