Game Hangs (Cannot Reproduce)

Version: 0.10.7
Platform: Windows/Steam

The game hangs (it doesn’t crash, it just sits there indefinitely and does nothing)

I believe this is due to the Nadin Rift Dancer (since that was the only change I made to my team the last time in town, and I have not previously had this problem)

Here is the rough sequence of events:
– Fight Starts
– Cast Sudden Death on my Gravebane Wight
– All enemies died
(I am not 100% certain, but I believe that all enemies died to the first Woe – Before the Rift Dancer could repeat the effect)

I will try to reproduce this to get a better since of what the problem is …

Unfortunately, I ran two more realms with the same team and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue.

… Maybe it was just a fluke

It’s probably a pretty rare event that is related to a fix in 0.10.8 - you probably won’t see it too often, but you should probably update to prevent it from happening anyway.