Game hangs when closing treasure window with many pages

0.10.8 (and previous) Edit: 0.10.9

I was hoping the new compiler would help but there’s still a few seconds of lag for me when closing treasure windows when there are lots of pages. 1-3 pages seems to be no problem, but the more pages the more lag. High CJ modifiers and leveled treasure talismans increase the issue as you get more pages of loot. Not sure if there is anything that can be done to optimize this part to reduce some of the lag.


Just as a data point, it just took ~35 seconds to close a treasure window with 10 pages. This is me counting in my head so actual time may be a little off. :slight_smile:

Someone else in discord said they were not having the same delays as I was. Thought I would add more info if it’s relevant.

I have 259 PAGES of artifacts, and 168 PAGES of spell gems. (Can’t get granite fast enough!) Maybe related?

yes, I spring cleaned your inventory out and the lag disappeared completely. had to clean artifacts one by one though as doing the entire stack made the game unresponsive forever, closed it after 10 minutes.