game incorrectly calculating %

  1. bug

  2. % based abilities always seemed to trigger way to often but I couldn’t be sure until now; ran basically this:

moon hunter (3 stacks of poison on target, 1 stack on 2 random other enemies)
venomous clutcher (7% chance per stack of poison to kill)

thought I could rack up the poison stacks first and then have a decent (up to 70%!) chance of instant kill but actually, even with 1 stack of poison enemies died 100% of the time, and to be sure I ran this for like 50 battles and never missed.

  1. windows 7

  2. 2.0.19

  3. perhaps just recheck how the game calculates percentages, seems off for lots of abilities

Poison debuff changed: Creatures with Poison take damage equal to 5% of the inflictor's Attack each turn for each stack of this debuff. Damage stacks if this debuff is applied multiple times. Maximum of 10 stacks.
There you go.

sorry, I don’t understand how that is relevant to the bug I posted. 10 stacks on an enemy should grant a 70% chance for the venomous clutcher to kill it, currently even 1 stack gives it a 100% chance to kill from what I’ve experienced.

Fixed - thanks!