Game log suggestion - log when quest completes

Adding a
Quest Completed: <quest_desc_same_as_recieved>

would help to not need to guess at when a quest is completed.

The Torun huts are especially tricky, since they require tracking which mushroom the player picked up and not knowing which hut requires which mushroom.

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I’m confused at what this would mean. In the Torun example, would it show when you collect all the mushrooms? Or just when the Quest is completed? Doesn’t the quest display already disappear when it’s finished (or is that a toggle option, I can’t remember).

the quest received log entry would only trigger when all the mushrooms have been given to the correct huts.

torun huts are just the example where collecting +1 of any mushroom and giving it to any hut doesn’t work. It needs to be a specific mushroom given to a specific hut (and the log only says that a hut was placed, not which mushroom/item it expects)