Game to Play While Waiting for Siralim 2

Obviously, it will be a while until Siralim 2 is released and so I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for games to play in the meantime?

Final Fantasy 14 if you’re into MMOs. It is easily the best MMO I’ve played. Surprisingly, it inspired a lot of game systems and ideas found in Siralim.

Grim Dawn if you like ARPGs similar to Diablo and Path of Exile. I strongly prefer GD to all the others. It’s technically in Early Access but it’s nearly bug-free and there are a ton of things to do already. It’s made by the same guys who created Titan Quest.

Bloodborne (if you own a PS4) is outstanding. Otherwise, Dark Souls 1 and 2 are available for PC as well as consoles and they’re both incredible games with gameplay that is nearly identical to Bloodborne (they’re made by the same developer).

Thanks a lot, Zack.

I am not a big fan of MMO’s and I don’t own a Playstation … however, I just checked my Steam Library and it turns out that I own an un-played copy of Grim Dawn. (I must have purchased it at some point during a Steam sale. I rarely play early access games – though I would certainly make an exception for Siralim 2 if you decide to go the Early Access route! However, the Grim Dawn forums indicate that it is only a couple months from release after years in early access, so if you say it is a quality game then I will definitely check it out.)