Game unable to connect to internet

  1. I suppose it’s a bug

  2. It’s a continuous issue and I’m not sure how it started. I was able to use cloud storage to import my game to my various computers (windows) and downoad it
    to my brother’s computer (mac) to show him my team. Now I am unable to access the cloud from my desktop which is, unfortunately, where I made a large amount of progress
    that I can no longer export to my other devices. When I try to import, export, or change my cloud ID I receive the message “You do not have a cloud ID. To obtain one please
    connect to the internet and restart the game”. I am connected to the internet. halp

  3. Windows 10. In the USA

  4. 1.0.7

  5. I’ve restarted the game, steam, and my computer multiple times with no success. I would try reinstalling, but I think I would lose my save

Do you have AVG or some other antivirus software installed? Those tend to block Siralim from accessing the internet. Also, just to confirm, are you running the game directly from Steam?

Thanks for the quick reply :smiley:

I am running the game off of steam.

I am running virus software, but I was able to connect just fine until a few days ago and I have the same software on my laptop
which can connect just fine. To be safe I’ll go and check AVG’s logs and see if I need to make an exception

I turned off AVG, restarted steam, and relaunched the game to no avail. What’s my next step, oh powerful dev OTL

Same issue here, tested with three different computers (Win 7 and Win 10), all using direct steam connection.

Cloud features work in the beginning, but then not anymore. Game says it is not connected to the internet whenever you open a cloud related menu item. It will still, however, show the server note at the start screen (which is not displayed if you really are offline).

Yesterday I tried to set steam to offline mode to see if that changed anything, but it did not. Starting the game’s executable directly from the folder also does not make any difference.


Can you try closing the game, then deleting config.sav from your C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Siralim2\save folder?

Deleting config.sav resolves the issue (one time). So you are on the right track. :slight_smile:

One further thing: I use a custom Cloud ID to sync between devices and that was (of course) lost, so maybe it has something to do with changing it and storing it in the config file?

Thanks for the help,

I deleted config.sav and have since restarted the game multiple times. It seems to be working. I’ll keep you updated

Update: Can no longer access cloud storage without deleting config.sav each time super:(

Same problem on Android, v1.0.8
Online Data acquired on start screen, but “You do not have a Cloud ID…”
Cloud work only one time after first run.

I am still unable to use the cloud in version 1.1

Giving another try at a fix in the next patch. I still can’t reproduce it on my end on any of my 8 devices, so unfortunately it’s all trial and error for now. Sorry everyone!

I’m also having this problem.

android, I have version 1.1.1

On the title screen, it says Online Data acquired. But when I go to cloud save, it says I must connect to the internet. Note: I’m using the same device to write this. :slight_smile:

Attached is a screenshot of the message.

On Android I believe it may be due to settings that don’t allow Siralim 2 to download updates while on 4G.

Basically I turned off updates for Siralim 2 when on 4G and while on 4G I can’t connect to the cloud. When I am on WiFi it works fine. Not sure if that helps at all.

On Windows I have no idea but Windows Updates are notorious for breaking things that were working fine before. Something may have changed the way permissions are handled. I would try running Siralim 2, or Steam as admin.

Thanks Gringar! I appreciate you taking the time to respond!

Im currently on WiFi (per that screenshot.) - and I’m using a tablet without any mobile service.
I wonder if there’s a setting or app conflict that may be interfering.

Interestingly - when I first downloaded and opened the app, I did have a Cloud ID (which I changed). Now I get that error.

Aw well- was totally hoping to bounce between on my phone and my tablet.