Game won't load saved data after new update

  1. Bug

  2. After latest update game was constantly crashing. Now it doesn’t crash but won’t load save data from my hard drive. Tried several fixes, even deleting all save data and starting a new game. Game says data is saved, shows so on hard drive, but when continue the game no save data appears.

  3. PS4 NA

  4. Game Version 2.5.0

  5. This all started after the newest update. The newest update caused it to just crash. Now that is fix this new issue as pop up.

I am having exactly the same problem, the data is saved on the HD but the application does not recognize it.
v 2.5.0

This will be fixed tomorrow. Sorry about that. Your saved data is safe, so don’t delete it.


Thanks, issue solved and my save games were all there