Gamepad controls buggy when keyboard buttons are remapped?

Hi there,
I’m new on Siralim ultimate.
i wanted to switch controls for Gamepad but i’m facing issues with controls.
I have standard xbox PC controller and when I click left on the d-pad it opens the menu but then i can’t close it. Also the character movements are buggy like i cannot go left and then if i click on button B my chars are going to the left !?
What are the default buttons ?

also it would be great if we could change the gamepad controls mapping through the game or otherwise if you could propose a community gamepad profile on steam.

Ok , i’ve done more tests and i think i’ve found why the gamepad controls issues are happening.
When I change back the keyboard mapping to default ones (i had changed previously because i own an AZERTY keyboard so open menu was A, LEFT was Q), the gamepad controls work properly.

So I think gamepad controls are messed up when you change the default keyboard controls mapping.
These should be independent in my understanding.

Do you have controls mapped in your Steam configuration? I haven’t experienced any of those issues, so I’m wondering if Steam tried to assign keyboard controls to your controller.

I didn’t change anything on steam gamepad config.
Default profile is loaded.
I have tested with Steam input Disabled and that does not change anything.
Once I change the keyboard mapping ingame to AZERTY setup it breaks gamepad controls

Same problem here

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!