Gameplay balance suggestion

Good day to developer and everyone,

Thank you for this awesome game. I wish to contribute to improving it so registered just to write here :smiley:

Currently, after finishing the game, it becomes a matter of aimless grinding for gene strength and customization. There isn’t a direction to do anymore stuff and basically playing because I like the game and enjoy breeding creatures.

I would like to make some suggestion to make this game even more successful by tackling the common problems that are still existing.

  1. Balance issue
    Right now, people are using creatures with abnormally high gene strength and finding the game too easy.

  2. Overpowered traits combination
    Due to the overwhelming amount of combination, there will definitely exist this problem of 2 traits stacking with each other causing the game to be won without any strategy

  3. Lack of plot after clearing realm 40
    The final boss was disappointing, with the help of the deity the 2nd phase wasn’t of any challenge. But I liked how the misery/judgement and 3 shade boss were made. Fights like these are hot topic on forums and are what drive people to explore party composition by forcing them to train certain type of creatures or to trial and error.

  4. Lack of NG+
    This will be a great addition since there will be an ending and a start for players to enjoy the story once more. Rather than choosing a new game, go thru the entire process of unlocking breeding combination.

Here is my suggestion to solve most of them.
After the fight with Misery, the deities are tainted by aura of corruption when Misery was killed. So the deity actually spawned an alter ego in an alternate realm known as Corrupt Realm. So instead of fighting Nether realm endlessly, the corrupt realm gives players something to accomplish while balancing game play in terms of gene strength.

Each Corrupt realm comprises of 100 floors. For each 20 floors, you defeat a party made of overpowered build that most people are using and make them change party tactics to rear creatures suited for that situation. The corrupt deity also set a limitation from floor 1-99 eg. Immune to attacks, cannot heal, cannot provoke for entire realm normal and boss battle (similar to sigil). Each deity will have 1 type of handicap. So the boss fight at every 20 floor must not be random, rather artfully designed to give players a harder time to win together with the handicap.
Next portion, people will start levelling gene strength to 1000000 to win them and say Siralim 2 is still easy.
For the storyline, set the level/gene cap at 40. I finished it at level 40+25 (ran from the last few floors because I wanted to see final boss) I am definite that it can be done using 40+40.
For the completion of corrupt realm, each 20 floor awards an item to break level/ gene limit. Level limit becomes unimportant because current state, it is difficult for mage to level up past 200.
eg. Mark of Valor I for 20th floor, Mark of Valor II for 40th… Mark of Valor IV for 80th. Mark of Valor allows players to increase gene cap from 40+20= 60. So if I beat an entire realm I get +80 making the gene cap 120.
Do for all 15 deity, I get 1200 gene cap increased. The difficulty at every 20th floor must be a huge increase to force players to attempt other corrupt realm until they get 15x level cap key item eg. Mark of Valor I, Mark of Bravery I, Mark of Justice I
This also solves the issue of monster lagging too far behind mage level, if I want my creatures same level as mage, simply don’t farm Mark of Valor II. Mage will be stagnant, creature will catch up.

As for the 100th floor, we can win Orb of Vertaag, orb of Aeolian. Clear all 15, we have 15 orbs that can be used on Nether Realm level 1000 pedestral to go NG+. Somehow I feel 1000 is too long, if it were 100 maybe I would consider finishing it.
The reward for going NG+1 is you are able to get another Nether creature after going thru the same route as NG. So NG+5 will be the final, with 6 Nether Creature. Nether creature strength will not be based on gene strength of others but the gene cap determined by key item. Base stat of nether creature will be 2x stronger when they were in normal form at level 1 and cannot be fed.

Everytime NG+ is chosen, Nether creature carry over but at gene strength 0 (no more key item). This allow players to redo the breeding using creatures that they never experiment with before. Breeding combination, core, consumable carry over. Everything else in stable, resources, spell gem is gone. Since the gene cap is 1200, it is doable every NG+.
So we have a choice to NG+ or not to. Completionist is definitely going to do that. Because there is constantly nether creature to make, marks to collect which in reality determine their gene strength.

I hope my suggestion help balance the game by not over levelling in gene strength mindlessly. As for the OP build, I would suggest not to change them as this will upset those whom have collected the spell gem, customed artefact, feeding process. What can be done is use back the same build against them to let them know what it feels like to be overwhelm by similar builds.
Part of the game mechanics that compels people to play is to experiment until they find overpowered build. So if you start removing, then there’s no point in playing to collect spell gems/artifact. As for the spell gem don’t change it either probably limit the poison/bleed damage by INT which again is determined by your gene strength. You can identify those that are genuinely endless loop, many people have contributed but I will not list them.

So with a limit on gene strength, those builds that are leftover and still ‘endless loop’ is going to miss a lot of attack until they fine tune their artefact or feeding process to have the correct amount of speed to start hitting, defence to survive, attack to deal more than 0.
If creature reaches gene cap, feed another creature that adjusts the stats distribution or simply build a new creature. So it is dangerous to mindlessly feed and overwhelm just by gene strength.

I hope you consider my proposal for limiting gene cap by completion of realms. It is nice writing to you, wish I have more suggestion but that all for now. Thank you for reading

The feedback you provide is excellent and I appreciate the issues you have raised.

While I agree with most of what you have written, I would strongly oppose the creature of a New Game+.

For me, the key enjoyment of Siralim (and Siralim 2) is the fact that the game never ends. You can always go deeper and deeper to find greater challenges.

Ideally, in my personal opinion, for any team one can always find a challenge somewhere in the game (e.g., by going deep enough in the Nether Realms) that yields a wall to progress. Frequently encountering such walls encourages players to experiment with new team combinations, unlock more creatures and grind more power.

As you observe, this loop of “advance, wall, experiment/grind, overcome wall …” is not currently working very well for many players. However, the game is still in Early Access and there is plenty of time for adjustment … I just hope that the adjustments don’t kill the fundamental “lack of an end” which I personally find to be a key/defining feature of the Siralim games.