Gate of Gods complaints

  1. It is difficult to see which bosses have been defeated for ascension in the gate of gods
    Since the star is at the end of the god name, there is no easy way to scan the list to see which gods you have defeated for ascension. I suggest you move the star to before the name.

  2. Godforging does not indicate whether or not you have enough emblems
    This makes it more difficult to tell which upgrades you can actually perform. Any status indicator should take into account mana and emblems

  3. Fusing an avatar removes all godforging done on the avatar
    I lost several hundred emblems worth of godforging because I godforged first, then fused. Either godforging should preserve when fusing, or godforging should display a warning when used on an unfused avatar

  4. There needs to be a way to disable or unforge buffs
    My build got significantly worse once I added +2 spell casts since my avatar keeps running out of charges. Please add a way to disable or unforge stats. This would also affect carefully planned Astrologer builds

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