Gem Enchantment Crash

  1. Crash

2)(On iOS, the error message is not a selectable text field; I’ve had to retype the message)

"FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Destroy Event for object object_gemenchant3:

Unable to find any instance for object index ‘88’ at gml_object_obj_gemenchant3_destroy_0"

3)Upon any attempt to enchant a gem in the gem shrine, the error message displays and a crash occurs. Anything requiring gem enchantment cannot be completed.

  1. iOS 8.1.3


  1. no other information is available.

Edit: Apologies. This error has already been reported here.

Yes, this is an awful, awful crash that will occur every time you try to enchant gems. A new update is already pushed to Apple and we’re just waiting on them to approve it so you can download it. Really sorry about that :frowning: