Gem Help

Can someone please explain gems n’ Nether eggs to me as if I was a seven year old? I have no idea what I’m doing, and why can I make a gem for each monster I have?

I’m really worried I might be buying or enchanting the wrong gems and now I’m suuuuuper paranoid about this!

The back shelves in the library provide detailed information about the process but here are the important parts:

  • You have to fill all activations for a nether orb before it becomes usable
  • the number of activations for a certain type will get multiplied with the gems to determine how much of a certain stat a nether creature has
  • activations have diminishing returns, for example 3 topaz activations will only multiply gems by 2.5 (exact values are only known by Zack)
  • gems can range from level 1 to level 10. If you want to have the strongest nether possible never use gems below level 10
  • you can enchant gems for the same types as orbs
  • the level of gems can still be increased to 10 after enchanting
  • the sum of all gem levels is multiplied by the orb activations
  • consider not using diamond activations/enchants because in the long run your nether will have lower stats compared to a nether without diamond. If the higher leveling speed is important to you disregard this point

Example: You have an orb with 3 topaz, 2 ruby and 2 emerald acivations. You have 10 topaz, 8 ruby and 5 emerald gems.
Your nether will have 2.510=25 increased speed and luck
8 = 16 increased health
2*5 = 10 increased attack

Hope this helps and take a look at the in game library.

No sweat, here’s the lowdown.

When you get a Nether Orb, it has Gem Slots and Activation Slots, dig? Like so:


White Orb
Maximum Gems Allowed: 20
Activation Slots: 6



Now, the process starts at Gems. You can make Gems for any creature you’ve summoned, and their purpose is to be shoved into a Nether Orb to make a boosted version of that monster. An Orb can only make one monster, so all the gems have to be for the same creature.

Each gem gives a certain number to the stat you enchant it for based on its level - like a level 5 Ruby might give 50 health, or a level 10, one hundred. So make gems for the stats you want your creature to have bonuses in - an attacker should have Emeralds (which give attack) and Topazes (which give speed and luck), while a tank would probably rather have Rubies (maximum health) and Sapphires (defense). You don’t have to max out the Orb’s gem allowance, but it is a good idea.

Gems can be leveled up by finding Magic Boxes in the Realms (they’re everywhere, trust me), by subquests for the Gem Enchanter, by a specific result from the Pandemonium Token, or by combining two gems of the same level and type, which produces a new gem one level higher.

Diamonds give bonuses to EXP, and they’re of debated usefulness, but I would personally advise you make at least two or three for any Nether, because all Nether creatures naturally level slower than normal creatures, and you don’t want them to fall behind.



Activations on your orb apply multipliers to the bonuses your gems would give you. One activation of each particular enchant type is required to prime it for use - if you have no Ruby activations, then any Ruby gems you’ve enchanted will have no effect at all. It looks like this:

Activations -------------- Multiplier

0 ---------------- 0

1 ---------------- 1

2 ---------------- 2

3 ---------------- 2.5

As you can see, no Activations of an enchant means no bonus in that stat, one allows you to get the Gem bonuses you’ve collected, and each Activation after that just applies a higher multiplier. There are diminishing returns as you go higher, so I’d never go above 3, and that only on rare occasions. So here’s your rule of thumb: first, put one Activation into each stat you’ve got Gems for, and then put the rest of the activations into what you want. Following above, if you had:

3 Diamonds (experience)
3 Rubies (health)
7 Emeralds (attack)
7 Topazes (speed/luck)
0 Sapphires (defense)

Then you’d put one Activation into Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, and Topaz, then go back and put a second point into Emerald and Topaz to make those large groups of gems really matter. You wouldn’t put any Activations into Sapphire, because you don’t have any gems to Activate anyways! The result would be a very fast and strong creature, with more health than average, but the same defense as any other creature of its species. Perfect for an attacker.


Orb Types

You might have noticed that Orbs themselves have colours. They offer further multipliers to your Gems, so if you had a Green Orb (which boosts Emeralds), your creature would get even more attack, at the price of Diamonds giving you less experience (because it gives a malus to Diamonds). All Orbs will have one enchant that’s better and one that’s worse, so pick what suits your needs.

Further, there are Imbued Nether Orbs somewhere deep in the Realms, but I really have to admit that I’ve never seen one and don’t have a damn clue what they do differently.


Once you’ve got all your Gems and Activations ready, go find a Nether Egg crafter in the Realms. He’ll take your Orb and Gems, then fuse them together into an Egg. You’ll take this Egg to your Hatchery (a castle upgrade), and then do a long damn ritual to get it to hatch. At the end of it, though, you’ll have a creature that’s both considerably stronger than normal and more resistant to various status effects. It’s worthwhile, I promise you.

Im making my 3rd one now. Creature still being determined lol

Green orb 27 gem max, 9 activation
I did
2 ruby
3 emerald
2 topaz
2 sapphire
0 diamond

=9 total activations
Now to choose a creature and buy the gem max worth so for me lets say im doing brim smith
Go to gem place in castle, buy 27 brim smith gems.

Now get all 27 to lv10 by finding gem boxes in realms and constantly upgrade. Another way is pandonieum coins have a small chance to make all gems gain a level (can also lose a level). Risky if you can’t kill the king and you manage to get that event lol.

So best stick to using gem boxes to level up your gems.

Once all 27 brim smith gems are max lv10, go and enchant them and stay focused on the ratio you did with orb activations.
For me its
9 Emerald gem
6 Ruby gem
6 Topaz gem
6 Sapphire gem
0 diamond
= 27 gems
Each gem enchant requires a ritual of 1500 energy. This is where increase max ritual character royal points came in handy lol.

Now the next thing is to find the Nether creator randomly in a realm. he looks like a devil lol. When you find him, give him the orb thats fully activated, all 27 brim smith enchanted gem… and also another brim smith core.

Bam he creates an Nether egg. Then you will need to do a ritual to build the hatchery in the castle. once built you go in there and put the egg on the nest, starts another ritual for 30000 energy needed. Once done the egg is hatched and you got your Nether creature :slight_smile:

I thought the orb had to have one activation in each color to work. I didn’t realize you could leave it zero if you didn’t have any gems in that category. I like lop-sided, I think I will do that.

I recommend buying all the gems you need early, so if you encounter the old man’s gem temple candle quest, you level all of them up at once. After I bought over 400 gems awhile ago, old man gem temple has leveled them all up to eight, and I haven’t even need to risk using pandemonium tokens or waste my time on boxes.

lol the 1 activation per color was only for the quest. You can activate an orb anyway you want all thats required is to have it fully activated :slight_smile:

Oh thank you all, you’ve all been especially helpful! Keep on being rad ya’ll I’m off to restart my game cause I dubbed up a whole lotta gems!

Protip: never restart, just create a new file. Anyways, Essence (what you use to create gems with) is by far the least valuable resource in the game, since you get boatloads of it and only ever use it on gems. You’ll have millions very soon, no sweat.

If nothing else, you can throw those flubbed gems at the yellow dwarf for Power.

It’s actually only recommended by the quest - you’re free to do whatever you want :slight_smile:

Zack beat me to it, but yeah, the moment they said put some in each one I already had my plan set, so I’m glad that wasn’t mandatory. Lol