Gem system... is super tedious. Suggestion!

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All of my feedback is on version 2.0.13, though the first 20 or so player levels were 2.0.9.

I know that there is a need for something to fill ritual slots with end game, but the gem rituals finish in 1-2 battles and I just have to portal back and forth to color gems. Leveling them up is really tedious too! Hundreds of gem boxes and opening of that menu, hunting in a list, selecting a gem!

I have a suggestion for a new system that is nearly functionally identical, but without all the headache. Read on!

Re-imagined nether orb system

I really like the idea of activations on the nether orbs, please keep this.

However 30-35 gem slots is extremely tedious to fill under the current system. Anyone serious enough about this game to create nether creatures is probably also not going to use gems below level 10 because the whole point is to get the “best” nether. How to achieve it? Hundreds of gem boxes where you have to hunt through a list for the gem you need to level and 30ish 1 fight rituals. Neither of these is fun to do because its super clicky and repetitive (vs the actual gameplay, which is great)

Gems leveling is basically unnecessary. They are essentially a convoluted currency you spend on a nether orb and each gem box you find gives you more of this currency. Why not treat them like an ACTUAL currency instead?

[ul][li]Remove creature specific gems, replace with ruby, sapphire, diamond, emerald, topaz drops (as currency, no levels).[/li]
[li]Remove the 20-35 gem sockets on nether orbs, replace with 200-350 gem capacity.[/li]
[li]Talk to gem guy to consume the gems to power up a nether orb via ritual. For example, you can start a ritual on your nether orb with 50 rubies. When the ritual completes, a 0/200 orb will be 50/200, and that 50 will be allocated to hp. More gems = longer and more expensive ritual. Limit 1 ritual per type per orb, to force players to save and be subject to bad events.[/li]
[li]Gem boxes removed, and replaced with gem piles[/li]
[li] Gem piles no longer give creature gems, but instead give diamond, topaz etc.[/li]
[li]Gem person no longer upgrades or combines gems, but sells diamond etc at a steep price[/li]
[li]Events that currently level/delevel gems would instead add or subtract player gem totals[/li]
[li]Power dwarf could instead take nether orbs off your hands and give you power for those! There are actually way too many orbs vs how many you need end game, and this would be a way to get rid of duds/extras. He could give more power if the orbs are powered up/activated first.[/li][/ul]

When the capacity of the nether orb is full and you’ve finished its activation rituals, it will be eligible for nether egg creation with the appropriate core(s) at egg guy.

What would the proposed change accomplish? 5 currencies instead of hundreds of gems at varying levels and types. Dramatically reduced tedium in leveling up gems and performing dozens of super fast rituals for one nether, teleporting between town and the level over and over. This would be much easier for people to understand and I anticipate the time spent in menus would be less than 1/10 what it is now. Depending on how you cost the rituals and how much it costs to buy gems off the gem guy, the same amount of gameplay would be required to complete nether orbs.

Hope you like the ideas, love your game so far. Feedback from others welcome.

TL;DR: Reduce menu tedium and convolution while retaining an equally difficult/rewarding task of completing a nether orb by changing the way gems play into the process. Plus power dwarf consumes nether orbs.

The purpose of nether orbs is the fact it’s suppose to take a LONG time to make. I agree the ritual thing can be annoying but it’s not bad just have max rituals maxed and do a bunch at once and use sigils at gem counter. The other reason for nether orbs having random gem maxes and activations is that it’s a hunting thing to go out and find better orbs to one day make an even stronger nether. Also the point of gem enchanting is the purpose of building a nether the way you want. And nether orbs go up to 30 max gems and the hardcore super rare imbued orbs go beyond 30 and beyond 10 activations. It gives us a fun side project building a new super nether. I like the system.

I agree that there needs to be a use for dud orbs. They are a rare find and it hurts to just discard ones that you won’t use. But to be honest I’m looking forward for when I find a imbued orb with hopefully tons of gem cap and activations and take a week playing to build it into something awesome. I don’t want a easier system. Also ur only on ur first nether? That’s not even close to end game lol

Hi Enzo,

I’m not suggesting that any less gameplay be required of the player to create nethers, its still super grindy and time intensive with my suggestion. However, it would require far, far less fiddling in menus with hundreds of different leveled orbs and gem boxes where you choose which one to level up. up to 5 long gem rituals instead of 30 short ones.

Nether orbs are cool, I agree. I’m only suggesting changing the gem system. Everything else is functionally identical. Is anything I said above unclear? I’m not sure we’re disagreeing. Edited to clarify.

I agree with the small rituals a person basically does 2-4 battles and they are finished. I dunno I just personally used my sigils at the gem counter and quickly finished them. I also never had more than like 5 gems at lv 10 at a time before I went and enchanted. So it didn’t really phase me. The upgrading gem levels has been great because it’s a huge essence sink and I had 1.5 million essence now down to 400k very quickly. Which is nice as this boosted my 27 gems to all lv9 lol. As for enchanting it never really bothered me only cause it was quick. Sigil collect reward collect enchanted gems and go back out levelling up more gems to 10. I’ve made 5 nethers atm. Haven’t felt it was tedious or anything yet lol.

To complete 5 nether orbs with gem boxes would require 1000+ gem boxes with the current patch. Each of these gem boxes would require you to page through and select a gem of the current creature you’re working on, hit upgrade. 100-150ish rituals to color the gems.

This is the definition of tedious for me, I’d rather be fighting with my creatures/nethers, plowing through levels, finding shinies. Gem leveling is not particularly meticulous or thought provoking, its just clicking and fishing in lists. Maybe this isn’t annoying for everyone.

Upgrading via essence is much better, I agree, and that’s essentially what you’d be doing with gem purchases and rituals to power up orbs. Still an essence sink.

I think the biggest issue you’re pointing out is that upgrading the gem levels is a tedious process. In the latest version of the game (which just hit iOS - the platform I believe you’re playing on), a new option has been added to the Gem Temple to allow you to pay essence to upgrade your gems. This is meant to shift your focus from “I have to farm Gem Boxes now” to “I’m going to keep playing the game as normal and upgrade my gems whenever possible via Gem Boxes or my spare essence”. I’m sure most people have excess essence anyway, so this is the best way to empty your pockets.

As for the creature-specific gems, I think most people are happy with the current system. It makes the project feel more personal and the added complexity seems to add to the psychological reward for a lot of people. In Siralim 2, I’d probably do the nether system a little differently, but I am really hesitant to change the system in this game via a simple patch now that so many people are finally used to the current system.

I’m gonna confirm Zack’s thoughts on this one. I will say that the way you described your suggestion was excellent and I thought it was a very interesting idea. However, I like the fact that each gem is unique to its creature and has to be personally grown and enchanted for your intended purpose. Yes, the interface of sifting through that menu is pretty ridiculous, especially when you have hundreds of gems… but I like it in all other aspects.
I would like to point out that the time and efforts needed to create a nether would, in fact, be reduced significantly with your proposal. This is due to a few things. Simply breaking down gems into a currency means there is zero spent time and effort doing anything with gems as they’ll simply accumulate and need no attention. These gems can all be used on any nether orb for any creature. So instead of getting a nether orb, choosing what creature to have made, creating, leveling, and enchanting gems for that specific creature, then finally bringing it all to a creator; there would instead be a process of get orb, choose creature, fill with gems, then creator. Time would be significantly less, as would the thought and effort put into making it.

All of my feedback is on version 2.0.13, though the first 20 or so player levels were 2.0.9. I’ll put this at the top of both of my threads to reduce confusion.

@Zack Well it isn’t really fair to expect a system overhaul post release, though I do enjoy rethinking systems. Appreciate the read!

The only thing I’m trying to address with this suggestion is the tedium of using gem boxes and gem enchantment rituals. Going into the levels and collecting stuff isn’t tedious if the gameplay is fun (it is), but rifling through the massive inventory of gems every time I find a box IS tedious. 1500 energy rituals are almost pointlessly easy to do, but the process of initiating and going back to the gem guy to finish them is tedious. You set them up and go out and fight 1-2 battles and return, or like the guy above me you can do sigils in town.

@Juncboks I think the main difference with the proposed system would be that you can change your mind about which creatures to focus your gemming efforts on, as it is a fluid currency. Rather than “I need 20 level 10 gems, 7 red, 7 blue, 3 white, 3 green” you would simply need 200 gems of the colors you want, 70 red, 70 blue, 30 white, 30 green. So long as the process of getting the gems was similar/identical to leveling up gems, it wouldn’t make any real difference in effort required. 5 long rituals vs 20 short ones would actually be MORE effort, and you still have to plan how many of each color carefully.