Gene Strength and Breeding

Let’s say I have a creature gaining gene strength in certain stats but also want to focus on other stats as well. If I breed that creature with another creature that has opposite stats, will I be able to get gene strength in all the stats? Also, are mana and health counted as stats that I can get gene strength for?

Furthermore, how do people get 100’s of gene strength? I guess they would get the bottled fairies and lots of summoned creatures and breed over and over again? Would they breed a bunch of lvl. 1’s together? I guess there is the smarter eggs I can spend deity points on. It says that a creature gains exp. from BOTH parents, yet there is 1 creature. Does this mean, for example, that 2 parents of creature lvl. 20 would give 25% each at maximum, resulting in a 50% exp. gain to the new creature? Does a higher level creature contribute more attack/defence/health, etc. to the offspring, or is it only gene strength?

Is +6 gene strength the highest I can get when breeding creatures with no gene strength?



I’d also like more details on how building gene strength works

It would be extremely useful if we could see the gene strength of the offspring before committing to breeding (and hatching)…

Would really help to make the whole breeding part of the game more useful and much less trial and error. As it presently works, the game encourages you to save before breeding, take notes on what the results are, reload and try to improve…
Repeat until comfortable knowing you aren’t wasting resources.

It gets really frustrating to have to guess when you need to get your creatures to level 300 before breeding, then discover the combo you are attempting results in 0 change to offspring. Another 300 level s of grinding or reload the save game?

Note that you need to save and exit, upload to cloud then reload the game and try things. If it fails, import from cloud and repeat…