Gene Strength and Leveling

How exactly does Gene Strength apply to your base stats? Does it do it randomly or proportionally to the creatures base stats?

For example if I had a +50 creature and that creatures base stats were:
10 Attack
10 Defense
10 Speed
10 Intelligence

the +50 creature would be:
20 Attack
20 Defense
20 Speed
20 Intelligence?

It would be nice to see how much our base stats were increased by gene strength, but I’m not sure how that would fit into the UI. My final question is about leveling; is it pretty much the same as Siralim 1 where you gain x% of your base stats per level?

First, it is the case (like in Siralim 1) that a creature gets a % of its base (level 1) stats every time it levels up. However, I am not sure what that % is. (Based on my experience, I think the exact percentage is different in Siralim 2 than Siralim 1, but otherwise the system is the same.

Gene Strength bonuses are NOT distributed equally between the stats. Zack had said that you are likely to get Gene Strength bonuses in a stat where your parents have a high value. However, Zack had also indicated that there is a bit of randomness involved.

Basically, the idea is that if you keep breeding High attack, low Intellect creatures together, you should end up with a creature having relatively high attack and low intellect.

It’s 20% right now.

Thanks! So it looks like it takes a bit more finesse than my breed everything together strategy.