Gene Strength Bug: +12 Creature only getting + 2 from Genes (Detailed View)

I just created an Asura +12.

However, when I look at the new Level 1 creature in Detail View, it only shows the creature as having Stat points coming from Genes. (The other 10 Stat points are listed as “Other”)

See attached screenshot

Asura +12.bmp (3 MB)

I think there will be some rounding issues at lower levels - might even disable this option on creatures that are lower than level 10. Could you please let me know if it’s still causing issues after you level up that creature a bit?

Here is the same Asura +12 at Level 31.

Oddly, there are still the same values over in the “Special” column … Those make no sense to me.

Asura Lv31.bmp (3 MB)

The “Other” column includes benefits from cards. Could that be it?

I just checked. For this particular game, the only card that I have found is “Whispering Shade” which is 3% Less Damage from Spells.

I have not gotten any Stat boosting cards this game.

Just hit level 32. The stats in the “Other” column changed a bit … (odd)

Side Note: Also, I shouldn’t be saving these Screenshots as Bitmaps … Sorry :-<

Asura Lv 32.bmp (3 MB)