Gene Strength for individual stats on Character Sheet [Suggestion]

Suggestion: Enumerate and display which individual stats are modified by Gene Strength.

Attack 27 (3)

This would indicate a base Attack of 24 of an unmodified creature, with 3 originating from Gene Strength - thus a total of 27.

Yes, please add this! ;D

This would be great - once you have levels in Smart Eggs, it’s practically impossible to tell what a creature’s base stats are.

Still keeping my hopes up for this one!


This is a Sugar Glider approved idea !

Yes, this would be a great addition :).

I would like this also

I also think that showing this explicitly would help newer players figure out exactly what is going on with breeding.

I have seen players claim that all Fallen Carnage +10 are the same, or that matter choice doesn’t matter.

Personally, I believe these claims are false. (That is, I believe mate choice effects the chances that my bonuses end up in particular stats. Breed with a high attack mate and it is more likely that the offspring has additional bonuses in attack.) However, it is very hard currently for new players to figure this sort of thing out. The suggestion in this thread works likely help clarify things for new players.