Gene strength not capped by mage level

I went to breed one of my creatures and their gene strength jumped from +1M to +2.5M in one breed.

Some formula broke around +4B to +9B gene strength.
See INT stat.

also, the time to calculate gene strength for eggs goes up after about +20M gene strength.
At +3B to 9B it took 30 minutes or more to go from confirming the breed to showing the creatures merging and producing an egg.

Fixed the cap bug you mentioned, and optimized breeding times for extremely high Gene Strengths for the next patch! Thanks!

Was this really fixed? In v2.1.5 i have creatures with 15k gene strength while my mage is around lvl 200.

The max amount that can be gained at one time is 2x your mage level.
So at mage level 200 you should at most be able to go from gene strength 15k to 15.4k.

I also thought its x2 but it is not.
Mage lvl 287.
Pedigree lvl 95 + 19811.
Mate lvl 168 + 0.
Offspring gene strength is 20663, meaning it got 852 gene strength. So its closer to x3 instead of x2

I encountered 3x mage level gene strength gain a couple of versions ago, but I assumed it had been fixed. So maybe the new cap is 3x?