Get Exalted Message without Earning Exalted

Windows 7 / Steam
Siralim 2 Version 1.1.1

  • Got 3000 Favor with Lister
  • Get Quest to visit Lister’s Alter
  • Visit Lister’s Alter and get the Revered Message (Including Cooking Ingredients)
  • Do Nothing (still at 1/5000 Favor)
  • Visit Lister’s Alter again (immediately) and get the Exalted Message
  • Character Screen still shows me at 1/5000 Lister Favor

Note: The game told me as part of the Exalted Message that I earned Deity Points. I don’t think that I actually got those points … but I wasn’t watching my Diety Points carefully enough to know for sure whether I incorrectly got the Deity Point reward

Note: Lister’s Exalted Emblem shop is selling me the correct items for Revered. (That is, I get the first three tiers of items available. I am NOT seeing the Tier 4 items in the shop despite getting the Exalted Message.)

Note: I did the same sequence with Vertraag and got the same result (incorrectly was shown the Exalted Message)

To verify if you received the Deity points, I think you can go to the Menu section Character>God’s/Favor>Lister and it will show you how many deity points you have received from that God.

Should have this fixed in the next patch, thanks!