getting a certain legendary material

How to get a certain legendary material from a creature?
The legendary material contains a trait of a certain creature, is there a way besides puretck (transmute or loots) to get an aimed legendary trait of a certain creature? such as Evergrowing Fluff of the Raving Storm ?

Thanks~ ;D

Sigils drop the material corresponding to the boss you fight.

Thanks~!!!So what should I do to get a certain Sigil? And how about the dropping rate?

If you want, for example, an Everglowing Fluff, you’d need to get a bunch of Sigils of the Storm (Primal level). A level 10 Sigil has a 100% chance of dropping the material, so it would be a matter of just getting lucky enough to find a Raving Storm as the boss (a random boss among all of the creatures in the Storm family would spawn). If you can’t beat such a powerful Sigil, you could always get the Sigil Frequency perk. For just 25 deity points, you get a +25% drop rate of legendary materials in Sigils, which means (assuming that each level of a sigil adds 10% drop rate, not sure about this), that a level 7 Sigil would have a 95% drop rate, and even level 3-5 Sigils would allow you to farm the material reasonably quickly.

Got it! thanks for your reply continue on my farming !

if you aren’t opposed to resetting/loading from save you can do the following to farm any material from 1 minor sigil

  • save
  • reroll race until you get the race of the creature you want, reset if you don’t get it in 10 tries or however much granite you’re fine with paying
  • increase the difficulty until it’s the highest you can do to make the drop rate from primal sigil higher
  • level it up to a primal sigil
  • save
  • start the primal sigil and check if it’s the right creature, if it is kill it, if not reset
  • after beating it if you didn’t get the material, reset