Getting Obliterated

Hiya folks. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or just suffering from RNG. I’m a veteran of the first two games so I’m pretty familiar with how everything works. But.

I started Siralim 3 and I’m absolutely stuck. I’m spending hours grinding and still can’t survive. I made it to the third realm, Listers, and I’m getting absolutely blown away by swarms of Thrasher Fiends. 2-3 of them per fight. They are fast and often wipe my team (a couple levels above them) before I get an action. I can handle most fights fine, but there are just so many Fiends. I managed to finally sneak by to depth 12, but now I can’t pass the Chroma fight. Chroma plus a constant 1-2 Fiends is just overwhelming. Because I’m several levels above realm depth leveling is painfully slow. I wasn’t expecting such a brick wall, early on. I’ve tried different tactics, but nothing works against them. Even with defense artifacts and spell buffs they are hitting for 100 - 200 damage each, which splashes and wipes out my team.

-_- Painful and frustrating.

What team are you using? This game is more about choosing traits and items that work well together rather than outleveling enemies, so you probably just need to make a few minor adjustments to your team composition.

If you’re fighting Fiends, you’ll get a lot more mileage out of stacking Speed and then punching their faces in before they can do anything. Trying to tank their DPS isn’t going to help you. This is a game that strongly favors the bold - strike first and strike hard. Not necessarily with Attack, either, you can throw some disabling spell at them (Snare/Scorn/Stun/Frozen/etc) and then pick off the rest of the team while they recover, or just go for them first.

Lister gives you a Spirit that should shut the fiends down for a bit. Get some favor.