Gimp Mummy cores

When extracting the core from a gimp mummy, I’d prefer if the core you receive is the core of the creature it turned into, unless you haven’t defeated the gimp mummy itself yet, where you’d receive a gimp mummy’s core.

I hear you, mate, but that’d kind of invalidate the point of having to unlock more creatures, wouldn’t it? The Gimp Mummies are a preview tool to get your mouth watering, not a shortcut.

I’d have to echo vagrantsun. While I do imagine getting to retrieve the core of that cool creature I’ve never seen before, allowing this mechanic would be quite broken and like vagrantsun said, pointless to have creature tiers to unlock.

The Gimp Mummy serves this purpose very well. Just for the sake of argument, though, what if there was a rare chance of obtaining a core this way? Say, a 5% chance? That could get interesting.

It would still come down to invalidating the point of creature tiers. I, as well as many others I’m sure, would simply farm them for fancy creatures we haven’t yet unlocked.

I guess it would be game-breaking, but it’s still illogical that I wouldn’t get that core, as that creature is inside the mummy, it doesn’t imitate or turn into that creature.

Also, the language strings are off:

“Gimp Mummy is killed”
“Imler took off it’s bandages to reveal it’s true form: Imler”

Should be "“Gimp Mummy took off it’s bandages to reveal it’s true form: Imler”

Thanks, I’ll fix the language issue!

The core extraction is working as intended for the reasons that everyone has already stated. I don’t want to add any extra bells and whistles to this ability where you have X% chance to gain the core of the unraveled creature or anything like that because it makes things unnecessarily complicated and it’s inconsistent with the way other abilities work.