Goblet of Giving -> Specialization Prestige System

I’ll be honest, the current iteration of the Goblet of Giving is something I won’t spend any time on. Going through the trouble of changing specializations, spending resources to optimize a team, and the time involved would have to reward me with something far more interesting than generic resources for it to be worth it. I feel like the goblet of giving is going in the right direction but in the wrong way.

What would I replace it with?

Celestial Map:

The Celestial Map would either be a menu item similar to prophecies or a decoration you’d place. It would keep track of your highest depth on any particular specialization. There would still be challenges similar to Goblet of Giving but the reward for completing them would be “celestial points” you allocate to modify perks. The more challenges you complete the more prestige your character earns. Prestige would be a baseline increase to monster stats 1%, 5%, 10%, etc…, an % increase in rewards (this would fit really well into the gameplay loop), and a % increase for higher rarity items to drop. Prestige could also unlock titles and player/castle cosmetic items.

Completing certain challenges would unlock the ability for netherstones to roll perks from that specialization (only certain perks would be applicable).

The map would unlock as soon as you unlock a new specialization from research. You’d start with the specializations starter monster begin progressing through realms again, removing the need to start new save files to experience a new specialization fresh.