Goblet of Trials is punishing

The game encourages us to unlock all of the specializations, but that does not mean we want to play every last class, or have a good/fun idea for a build for specific classes. I think there is a better alternative to throwing essence away re-rolling the required specialization, or even provide an alternative to it.

The Goblet would allow us to accumulate and turn-in while staying on our current class, but each consecutive turn-in that is not the requested class could offer us 5% or 10% fewer rewards, capping at -25% or -50% rewards. This would allow those of us who have no intent of switching classes or constantly rerolling after every turn-in waiting for that 1/15 to be our class again to just keep chugging away and not waste time or resources, but simply accept fewer rewards.

Thank you for reading.

Till recently you couldn’t even change the class you had to be to get credit.
I suggested a similar thing as well but would require a bit more work then the current game would probably merit I guess? That being said a way to have all the classes open but not get punished for it would be welcome. Pay to choose the class you want to use for the Goblet could work and maybe a bit easier to code for?

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I wonder if just having progress greatly enhanced by using the target class would help, but still give progress with any class. (Maybe just give Realm Instability Bonus % when not using the “correct” class)
It would take longer and would give a good reason to use the class (or re-roll) but would still allow progress to be made if you really don’t want to use that class (and/or be able to finish with a different class if you realize you hate it, or at least your current build for it, but don’t want to re-roll and lose the progress you made).

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Most anything other than ‘only progress with the selected class’, but only getting the instability bonus seems way to rough, especially for newer players who keep that set very low (or off). Maybe just half the progress of the selected class.

While I personally enjoy having to come up with new strategies for a new class, I do agree it would be nice if playing the chosen class was like doing a higher level of instability, where it just gave you a bonus towards completion. I think 5% base, + 5% for the chosen class, + the 1% for each level of instability, would be a good formula for it.

Although, as the Goblet stands right now, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing truly valuable to get from it besides the piety… so you could pretty much just ignore it anyways until we get a patch that puts some unique rewards into its loot table. You’re really not missing out on anything you can’t get in other ways.

I had an idea I got really excited about that I shared in the Discord, but it doesn’t seem like too many others really like it.

“Or another suggestion could be to have a specific Class for the goblet, then the user could have more freedom in choosing specs while still encouraging a bit more variety, and can still switch things up partway through if they have trouble.
I.E. Nature goblet lets people use Monk, Tribalist, Druid, or any combination of those (or the others added later).

It could even have a “Primary” Spec that gives bonus progress, while still giving progress for using any Specs of the given Class.
So for example if people run into lots of trouble trying to get through with Inquisitor (for the most progress) they can just use Paladin instead, but need a few more realms or something.”

I like the idea of unique rewards from it. Maybe even a currency and a shop!