Goblet of Trials progress should scale to level

Right now, you either gain 10% for doing the deepest floor possible, or 3% for anything else. If you’re 500 floors deep, floor 501 gives 10% but doing floor 500 again only gives 3%. This would be fine if you were over leveled, but if you’re doing floors that are hundreds or even thousands of levels higher than your creatures there’s very little difference in the difficulty of adjacent floors. Since Realm levels scale way faster than the player’s creature levels, a player might want to stop and play a bit of catch-up on levels, yet even though the enemies are basically just as difficult as the next floor, the GoT progress is cut by over 2/3. I feel like teams that are under the Realm level should gain some kind of proportional GoT progress rather than the current all-or-nothing progress.

EDIT: The current setup also means doing Realm 1 gives the same progress as a Realm depth in the thousands, provided that Realm is at least one less than your max. Realm 1 giving the same progress as Realm 1000 seems off.