God reputation bug

Reched 7499/7500 favor with Toruun , got the massage whhe isper me to come and talk ot him , but nothing happened , didnt get the deity points reward nor the new stuff unlocked for being rank 5 in favor with him . i’m stuck at 7499/7500 and i can talk to him like if i didn’'t reach the next level and that’s it .

What version of the game are you playing?

I can confirm having the same thing happen with Regalis at 1499/1500 favor, but talking to her just brings up the normal menu. I’m on version 0.0.19.

@Sadzy: Oh, actually, is he saying something to the effect of “get the !@#$ out of here and meet other gods”? If so, you should earn some favor with the other gods and try again later :slight_smile:

@Tyler: A fix for your situation is coming up in the next patch!

@Zack it was on the 0.019 version . I’m not sure what he actually told me , but i don’t think it was what you said . i’m gonna try level up favor with other gods and see if it works .

Edit : i actually have the side quest on the quest tracker : “Deified by Torun : Visit the altar of Torun in Cutthroat Jungle.”
But it just brings up the normal menu .