Gods seem a bit... Meaner?

(Minor Siralim 3 spoilers!)

Hoy there, all.
I’m absolutely loving Siralim 3. It’s pretty much the game I’ve wanted to see since, well, for a long time. I had my issues with the previous games, but - yeah, this game is pretty great.
One bone of contention I have - though I’m liking the plot, lore, and undertones a lot, is that the Gods seem, well…


Not just silly or capricious. It was noticeable with Meraxis at first, and you know, he’s stubborn as an elephant, so, hey! Maybe dude’s just been having a bad millenia.
I suppose I can understand it. But Azural and Erebyss feel like completely different characters compared to before.
It’s not a dealbreaker, or anything; but I miss the lighthearted divine banter, somewhat.

Other than that, well, wow, I can’t believe this is still in early access.
The level of polish is unreal. Fantastic work, just wanted to say that!..

Out of curiosity, how far have you gotten in the plot?

Next up, I’ll be visiting the good old Arachnid Nest! I’d planned to play a bit more, today, but, eh…
Time had other plans, haha!

Honestly, the game is making me miss the days where I could drop a day…
Or two…

And just mess around.

Believe me, I interested how that goes!!

I hope you continue to enjoy the campaign … I will keep my mouth shut and avoid any spoilers :slight_smile:

Oh, now I’m even more crazy excited to keep going…!
This game is gonna consume my life, ahaha! XD

I’m sure I will - can’t wait until I can talk about more post-game content, and whatever those spoilers may be…!