Godspawn Creatures possible spoilers

Noxpit has a small typo in his trait description. It’s exta traits is what it says instead of extra.

How many godspawn creatures has anyone unlocked?

I’ve unlocked 12 so far. Has anyone found Ottum? I’m hoping he is one, since I just found Ugat, and I previously found Aja Birku and Emlai.

Being able to unlock these early game and obtain has been awesome. It’s a lot of grinding early game, but fun. I’ve noticed after winning the game, emblem drops are better when you clear new floors, which is great incentive to keep moving up.


Aja Birku - Azural
Yllor - Meraxis
Linta - Mortem
Darksulker - Tenebris
Emlai - Surathli
Laglor - Yseros
Walken - Vertraag
Kapre - Apocranox
Tisya - Erebyss
Tenbran - Perdition
Noxpit - Venedon
Torun - Ugat (working on this still)

Ottum was from not Gonfurian, Vulcanar.

I started with all the new Gods’ now I just have ~7 left, but have the 50 emblems for two of those, and the rank 20 for one of those (just need to open up a mission slot). I haven’t been spending nearly any emblems for a while to make sure I have enough when I hit 20 with a God, lol. Also I’m still very reluctant to fuse any of my Godspawns so I haven’t yet, though I’m really tempted with my Tisya…

But I’ll have to grind Erebyss when I finish because I want those Skeletons, haha.

P.S. you misspelt a couple names, I believe. I think it’s Laglor and Kapre? (And Torun would be very angry with his name misspelt, haha ;P)
But more importantly, you might want to spoiler tag them or at least who they’re from for others.

He was my next choice to grind. I’ve fused a few. I fused a mimic with Aja Birku, and I actually grinded enough to get another Aja Birku to fuse with Linta. Azural’s favor is over 40. I haven’t stressed too much at fusing them, but I have thought hard about it first.

No, Iconus is from Gonfurian. I’m pretty sure Ottum is from Vulcanar

Oh yeah, that’s right, haha. I don’t remember the order I did them in, but I remembered he was the first one I got after the new Gods’ Godspawns, haha.
But that makes more sense.

And yeah, my highest rank is 34, I think, with Aporanox. Partially for Efts and mostly from farming Pilwizzes there, haha.