Godspawn Project bug persists

The patch has removed the projects of several godspawn, but not all of them.

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They will appear if you have a favor level of 20 or above with certain gods - is that the case for you?

No, I don’t have any favor levels at 20 or higher.

Can confirm the god spawn are here. I am very low level as well. no favor above 6 or so.

Thanks for the information everyone! I found the problem and will have this fixed in the next patch.

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I started one of the projects, is there a way to stop it? Or do I just have to complete it now?

I’m going to add a temporary option to cancel all your projects at Everett as a workaround for people who ran into this problem.

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Thanks! I think I’ll wait till that’s in there before I play more. I don’t want to keep making progress towards a project I can’t finish right now.

Can confirm this issue is now resolved!

Great! Thanks for letting me know!