Gonfurian favor stuck 499/500

No matter what I do it won’t increase, all other gods are progressing.
When I speak to him he tells me his pockets are full.
Playing on android…latest build.
Please someone help.

The upcoming patch contains a safety check to ensure you receive the correct quests from gods. I hope to release it sometime tomorrow. Sorry about that!

Thank you for the fast response!

:frowning: it’s still stuck at 499/500

I’m having a similar problem. All of my favor is deified or better, but they’ve started getting stuck as they approach the next level (all at 4999/5000). No matter what I do, it stays stuck there. It started with Yseros, but not Erebyss is also stuck, so the problem seems to be spreading to other gods. Is there a fix in the works for this? Thanks for any help.