Gonna be playin' this for a bit. ;)

I have probably been playing this for about 2 weeks to a month possibly and I’m going to be playing it for awhile longer so I figured I should say hello. I’ve been lurking about here reading and picking up opinions on abilities and creatures.

I work in HVAC and the other day I had part of my finger get caught in a pulley and ripped off. It makes my gaming and other choices fairly limited until it heals back into something useable since it makes it difficult to use this hand. Luckily I can play this game easily with one hand and I was enjoying it before my limitation.

I just wanted to say thank you to the creator with how easy he has made the controls for this game, yet this game offers a tremendous amount of depth for such simplicity. It’s made this past couple of days bearable and if not for the pain, enjoyable. Thanks again.

Welcome! Sorry to hear about your circumstances, but I’m glad Siralim is giving you a way to take your mind off of it for now.

This is exactly why I prefer RPGs - they don’t require me to have savantlike manual control (I really don’t). Welcome aboard, Colt, and may your pointing skills one day soon be refreshed.

Holy crap, I wasn’t expecting the story to turn in that direction :confused: Hope things work out. But like you I’m also going to be playing it a bit. I bought Siralim and GTAIV on the same day from Steam last week. I’ve put in 30 min on GTAIV and about 20 hours now into Siralim (and used the mobile version as a way to introduce a couple friends in my research department today. They loved what they saw).

GTA is a game for people who can’t decide what kind of game they like.

I’m finally sticking to one save instead of constantly redoing them. At character level 127 I think and starting to collect a bunch of legendary mats and I have my nether stronghold to level 67. Started using the nightwing and suddenly that mixed with calamity and I went from floor 8 to 36. I wasted a lot of mats early on transmuting and I probably should have gotten the nightwing earlier. I’m tempted to start again with the little bit of extra knowledge I have now focusing on a different class and creatures.

Kinda worried how I’ll do without raid perk, that thing is kinda beastly.

Oh and thanks for the welcome guys. :slight_smile: