Good Day To You All

Was very glad to stumble upon this game. As a child, Dragon Warrior Monsters was by far my favorite game ever, and may very well still be if my Gameboy Advance still worked, or if I could find the old GB Color. But this game really hits hat nostalgic sweet spot in a way no game has even come close to. A chronic restarter and experimenter, I have only 60-some levels on my current game. Astounded by the potential depth, loving the rogue like elements also, makes the game very replayable to me. Working to increase my competence and capabilities in Siralim and actually contribute meaningfully to the community! Namaste

Welcome! Great to have you here.

Welcome ! You’re not the only one to be completely addicted to this game hahah :slight_smile:

I knew I would become addicted to it just by reading steam reviews[/glow] :smiley: