Google Play says this app is incompatible with my device

I cannot buy this game from Google Play on both my mobile device and PC.

Google Play says that this app is incompatible with my device, SM-N950N (Samsung Galaxy Note 8) with Android 9.

It seems like every app from your studio has the same problem.

I am looking forward to seeing this problem gone so I can throw money at your studio appropriately.

I just checked and that device is definitely supported by Siralim 3. Can you try going to your settings app, then find “Apps” or “App Manager” settings, locate Google Play Store and choose “Clear Cache”, then restart your device and see if that helps?

I did it but the problem still exists. I tried on older devices such as Galaxy s6 and Galaxy Tab 10.1, same issue happens.

Is there any region restriction on purchase of your app?

What region/country is your account associated with? I can check into that and see if that’s the issue. I checked both of the devices you mentioned and they are definitely supported, though.

I am using Korean Google Play Store (Republic of Korea).

It looks like the game is only unavailable in China, Cuba, Iran, and Sudan. There might be some regulations that prohibit it from being distributed in Korea, but I don’t see anything that should be causing a problem, unfortunately.

At first, I thought the reason is that you did not get a rating certificate from GRAC, But I am not sure about it because I can purchase other indie game apps from Google Play and probably those games are not yet rated too.

Anyway, I could not waiting too much therefore I just bought Siralim 3 from US Nintendo e-shop.

I would be happy if I can see Siralim Ultimate in Korean stores but if it costs lots of time and money, you do not have to do it since I still can get your game from Steam and Nintendo e-shop (for US region).