Got the PC version. Crashes constantly.

Downloaded the PC version and it crashes randomly everyday. Crashes yesterday after an hour of progress and I lost an emerald orb I found :/. When it crash it just says “program has stopped responding” so I’m not sure if this is a computer issue or an issue with the game.

Sorry to hear that. Can you provide any details as to what you’re doing right before it crashes? Are you traveling to a new realm, is it happening during battle, etc?

The last crash happened after I tried to enter another realm from the town.

There is an issue with the game using too much memory as of the most recent patch. Do you know how much RAM your PC has?

My PC has 8 GB of ram. I’m usually not running anything else while playing except google chrome.

That should definitely be fine then. Are you playing Siralim v1.3.0? You can check the version at the title screen in the bottom left corner. I am puzzled as to why it would crash otherwise since I haven’t heard of this issue from any other Windows users nor from my own testing.

New player here, and I’m having the same issue.

Details that may be relevant:

  • Windows version, plenty of RAM, Windows 7 64-bit.
  • Always happens when I try to go to a realm via the shrine, whether it’s from the castle or inside a realm.
  • I’ve only unlocked a couple realms via rituals. Winter and dungeon I think? I have life by default.
  • While trying to reproduce the problem by repeatedly entering a realm, I always get a life or dungeon realm, and not winter. Edit: Just got into a winter realm, no crashes. Can’t seem to reproduce this, but it’s happened twice in the last half hour.

Hope that helps.

Same here, game crashes a lot and like vetokend it’s usually going into a new realm. No error messages like with other crashes I had (artifact related iirc). It doesn’t matter which mage I play/which realm I get, I’ve tried restarting a lot.

Also the castle quest to use the teleport shrine won’t advance when you crash, since it sends you back to the castle as if you’ve used a portal and you need to spend 5% power to go back.

Using Windows 7 64bit too (german version if it matters)

Oh, yeah. Worth mentioning that like Shibby, no detailed error message pops up.

Edit: Interesting, Shibby. While I speak English, I do have my system locale set to Japanese, for another game to run with proper font. Maybe this is a clue? I’ll have to try it on English locale tomorrow, and see if the crashes stop. For now, bedtime.

Used to have the same crashes as you pre-beta and I can assure you that not only have the crashes been fixed in the beta, which is due to release very soon, but I haven’t had any crashes at all since the beta-testing began.

Plus 2.0 adds -alot- of new content, if the massive amount of bugfixes and balance tweaks weren’t enough. Be hyped, be very hyped.