Gotta catch 'em all!

I am currently at 314 of 326 creatures and have hit a brick wall on how to get the remaining 11. The creatures I am missing are:
Ancient Ent - I encounter them as enemies but can not extract cores from them. I might have accidently released it at one point but I am not sure.
Ancient Spirit
Diabolic Intruder
Harpy Queen
Carver Sadist
Master Shapeshifter
a creature with the Revulsion ability
a mummy with the Death Beckons ability
a phoenix with the Final Breath ability
Pumpkin King - I have to wait for this one

Has anyone any hints on how to get these?

A lot of those are from Power Spells, so keep casting them :slight_smile:

Will they drop at maximum power level or do I have to use less power? Though I cast power spells as often as possible all I get are major sigils, scrolls, bottles and shards.

They have a much higher chance to drop when you invest more power into the Power Spell.

Alright, I will keep casting. Thanks for the hint.

Are there tiers top the power invested into power spells? Cause every free ritual I do, I just get a golden ticket. And I put 25k spells in every time I cat my normal Rituals and have so far gained a plethora (so far have gained probably 10) of whirling shards and two bundles of spell scrolls. It’s that just crazy bad luck or normal?

There are over a dozen different “categories” of items you can get from Power Spells. Shards, emblems, cores, tickets, etc. I consider some “categories” to be worse than others, so as you invest more power into the Power Spell, the loot table shifts and you’ll suddenly have a smaller chance to receive inferior items and a greater chance to receive better items.

We should compare notes, Kejal, as I have 313 cores, but I have some of those already. I can verify that a lot of those cores drop from power spells. I believe Ancient Ent, Ancient Spirit, Amaranthine, Diabolic Intruder, and Master Shapeshifter all drop this way, as I have found those.

I have yet to locate the Harpy Queen, and Carver Sadist. I believe they drop from power spells. I have also not found creatures with abilities called Revulsion, Death Beckons, and Final Breath. Did you really comb through all 322 Major Sigil drops and figure out what you’re missing? And… what do you have that I don’t, since I have five critters you don’t and only 313 cores? We know one core is devoted to the Christmas holiday… we should be able to narrow it down to only a few remaining mysteries.

Yes, I did cross reference legendary materials, major sigils and cores to figure out what I am missing :wink:

After Zack’s answer I used all my shards on power spells. This is what I know:
I got cores for Sadist Carver, Corrupted Phoenix (Final Breath) and Amaranthine. I know that Death Beckons belongs to Mummy Lord but I have not seen the core yet.
There are four creatures that do not have sigils. Two of those are Slib and the Unicorn Vivifier. I do not know the other two.
Revulsions material is called Crow’s Foot which is not themed after any creature group.

There’s a ton of abilities that don’t belong to a creature and can only be obtained via crafting, just so you know.

Yes, the Symbol of…, Pandemonium… and a lot of Greater Inscription of…
Other than that as far as I can tell every ability has a creature (only unsure of the Crow’s Foot)

Crow’s Foot’s ability doesn’t belong to a creature :slight_smile:

I got 3x mummy lord cores from my very first power spell the one from the quest lol. I thought that was just a auto prize that everyone got but I guess I got super lucky? :slight_smile:

Your tutorial Power Spell is rigged to give 3 cores of a random Power Spell creature.

That must have been a new revision, because my main character got whirling shards for the tutorial spell. :frowning:

just got Amaranthine Core from my free daily at 25k power :slight_smile: … so I guess I can sacrifice it and then I will find them in next realm?

Don’t. You will not be able to diffuse them.

I added an error message so that you can’t sacrifice cores of creatures that you can’t extract from, no worries :slight_smile:

good to know! lol

I finally got my new game up to my old game, almost, in cores, and now I too want to get em all.

Kejal, have you found the Harpy Queen? I can’t figure that girl out.

Have you found the Witch Doctor Inscriber?