Graphical bugs

Windows 10, Steam version
Version 0.23.6

Every time I launch the game, the game is once more windowed, even though the game is set to borderless and I maximize it every time I play. Would be nice if the settings remembered exactly how I left my screen.

(Image 1)
Whenever you engage an enemy in a realm, a sprite of the enemy leader displays in the top-left tile of the tile-map.

(Images 2, 3 and 4)
Fullscreen modes are very buggy. For a while, I have not had many issues with the borderless mode, but today it is now pixelating when I double-click on the title bar or use the maximize button. I have played between now and the most recent update, so I do not believe that to be the issue. It seems like enlarging the screen this way is attempting to set the game screen to my full dual-monitor width, while the window itself just uses a single monitor. While the sprites and tilemap get pixelated, it seems like the font and message boxes are still stretched, but no where near as badly pixelated. It even affects the Steam friends popups to a smaller degree. After loading a save file, choosing to Save & Restart tosses the game into the proper, unpixelated fullscreen.

Dragging the screen to a certain size seems to work just fine.