Great Game. Thoroughly enjoying myself

Played all the Siralim games up to this point and Ultimate is immediately my favourite now. My current goal is to fill the Bestiary (I’m about 2/3 there) And then to get them all to S rank knowledge, all while optimizing artifacts for my teams and messing around with different spell gem setups and unlocking the god artifacts and levelling them up too. The depth of this game already is amazing and I can’t wait for the future features to be added too.

The fusion system is by far my favourite feature right now, mixing and matching traits, finding good combinations for teams for each specialisation is a lot of fun.

The prophecies board is nice and keeps the grind fun and interesting. When it’s possible to complete it fully that will be huge.

Artifacts are really good in this version of the game and nether stones, each time finding one is a very cool moment.

The story missions themselves were quite fun to play through. bosses were mostly interesting. a few were easy, and the challenging ones just mostly required a bit of thinking. The hardest one I would say is where the damage taken was reduced to 1% for the boss itself and 5% for it’s allies. I’m sure there must be some kind of trick I missed because I just beat it attrition style. I also like the final form of the last story boss. that was very cool.

Despite this being in alpha it’s still incredibly fun to play through. I love the work you’ve done and are continuing to do to make this game great.


Thank you for the kind word! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. There’s plenty more to come!

I want to second this. Just finished the final story boss and I had a great time. I had some difficulty beating the last boss, then I remembered to fuse some creatures … brilliant! About 17 hours to get finish off the boss, now the real game starts! Ready to crank out a few hundred hours!

I really can’t think of anything critical. I love the new soundtracks! I like the changes to artifacts and spells.

Maybe think about allowing Steam Workshop (maybe this is already planned). This would make the game absolutely perfect. Additional classes and creatures possible, artwork, artifact types, spell gems. The possibilities are amazing. Even without that it’s still perfect, and it’s still alpha, can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future!

Thanks so much!