Greetings from Ohio


Dropping in my introduction and who I am. My name’s Raven and I’m out of Northeast Ohio, and while that seems like a lot of information–I’m used to giving it out. I’m a full time paranormal investigator and paranormal radioshow host.
If you’re interested in the paranormal, you should check us out :

We’re on at Thursday Nights at 9PM EST. We try to only be on for an hour, but sometimes we go into two hours.
We also travel a lot, so I’m usually on the road.

I also am an artist and sell things that are paranormal themed for conventions we go to. When I’m not doing this stuff I’m either playing video games or taking a nap.

Paranormal investigator??? That’s so cool. What got you started with that?

Greetings from a fellow Northeast Ohioan!

What got me in was those TV Shows–which is ironically not at all how ghost hunting is.
It’s really kind of boring–the radio show counters that.

My team and I will be at this place called the Bellaire House later in the year;

It’s got some rules, like you can’t eat meat 3 days before going in because it’s suspected this place has a ‘demon’ attachment, and just in case, ya’know?

Like, there might be nothing there, but if there ism why tempt that sort of evil.

If you do have any more questions about paranormal investigation, I don’t mind answering them!

Greetings to you too!

How about THEM MONSTERS??? :smiley:

Pardon my french but: Jesustittyfuckingchrist! That’s one cool-ass job! :open_mouth:

Also, hello Ohio, I’m Chumsie. Hurh-hurh.