Group Therapy + Diabolic Horde Mastery = Infinite Heals Loop

Game Version: 0.8.10
OS Windows 7 Home Premium Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

First Off: I love this game. Keep up the good work. Loved Siralim 3 and where Ultimate is going.

Bug: Soulflayer Drone Trait “Group Therapy” + Diabolic Horde Mastery Trait creates infinite (or near infinite) loop of heals. With my team listed below, when my Undolim Seraph Defends, it heals all of my creatures at least 2 times (Soothing Rain + Fan Dance.) Because all of my creatures are dominant creatures due to Master of Diabolic Horde, the Group Therapy trait causes this to become a ridiculous amount of heals. I cannot tell if it is an infinite loop or not, because it starts to bog down the speed of actions and I have been too impatient to hold the TURBO button down long enough to see if it ever ends. See screenshots (uploaded below) of my party - they get super buff but this one turn never ends and they just keep on healing. Even if this was working properly, it might be too strong of a combo. My creatures start with about 1k health and get into the 500k hp range in one turn (and would surely go higher if I didn’t end it by closing the game.) I have no idea how high the Def and Atk stats are because I can never get a chance to look! XD

Soul Flayer Drone Trait: Group Therapy:
After your dominant creatures heal a creature, the others heal that same creature as well. Creatures that belong to the most common race in your party are dominant. This trait does not stack.

Artifact Trait: Master of Diabolic Horde:
At the start of battle, your creatures’ races are changed to Diabolic Horde

========== CHARACTER ==========
Zan the Cleric
Achievement Points: 218 / 4079 (5%)
Time Played: 29:55:54

========== CREATURES ==========
Level 96 Ancient Spirit Fused with Frozen Spirit
Innate Trait: Essential Dignity
Fused Trait: Dreams of Ice
Artifact Trait: Master of Diabolic Horde
Level 96 Undolim Seraph Fused with Dryad Raincaller
Innate Trait: Ever Upwards
Fused Trait: Soothing Rain
Artifact Trait: Jailbreak
Level 96 Inaer Rift Dancer Fused with Water Salamander
Innate Trait: Fan Dance
Fused Trait: Wallflower
Artifact: (Empty Trait Slot)
Level 96 Dryad Proliferator Fused with Nexus Amaranth
Innate Trait: Moonlight
Fused Trait: Collective Unconscious
Artifact: (Empty Trait Slot)
Level 96 Carver Sadist Fused with Koloss Doombringer
Innate Trait: Wild Stabs
Fused Trait: Rise Above
Artifact Trait : Gulper
Level 84 Soulflayer Drone Fused with Succubus Spirit
Innate Trait: Group Therapy
Fused Trait: Carnal Genesis
Artifact Trait : Multistrike


Thanks, fixed in the next patch!