Grouped Buff

I’ve been experimenting with a few different creatures/artifact/rune/spell combos and I’ve ran into something quite tedious.
Here is my current combo and their ability:
Thrasher Fiend - Cloud Connected (multistrike)
Troll Knife Juggler - Rise to Fall (a healing buff)
Troll Berserker - Everglow (2x healing)
Fallen Carnage - KRAAW! (bonus damage)
Stronghold - Boastful Protector (bonus max health on provoke)
Frozen Spirit - War Forged (shared artifact buffs)
Tur Rune which shares leech.
Also relevent, I’m a Chaos Mage with points in Touch of Chaos

With War Forged all of my initial buffs are shared. That means all these guys start with: Leech, Mend, Protect, Barrier, Berserk and Grace.

I’ve maxed the speed of my Troll Knife Juggler because he has a Fury Strikes spell.

My usual battle start is thus. Juggler casts Fury Strikes on Thrasher Fiend. Thrasher Fiend gets 5 normal attacks, but, each attack is more than just 1. He has Multitrike, so the 5 are 10, he also attacks 2 creatures after the main strike, so that is 30 attacks, lastly Juggler gets a attack for every normal attack making it 40! attacks.
This is all fine, timewise it takes a bit, but where it gets annoying/tedious is the pieces that proc. For every attack there is a leech applied to every creature, even if the leech is 0. This then procs Frozen Spirit’s ability on every creature. This takes a insane amount of time. I’m just sitting there smashing “A” over and over just waiting for the +Defense buffs to finish. Problem is, it’s insanely effective and keeps my guys alive so I hate to drop the ability.

Lastly, all of the spells go off. Because there is so many chances for procs I could see dozens of spell case, some of them do nothing on additional casts (apply bleed, give critical).

Sorry for the large lead up. I guess my suggestion/request is that if there is a group of buffs that they be applied together. If I have 5 procs of +Defense, just make it go once. Another nice thing would be applying all party wide buffs/debuffs at once instead of individually.