Groupees 1.0.15

I understand there is version 1.1.1 but Groupees is sitting on version 1.0.15. I download it anyway and try play it, game crashes instantly when I try to go “next floor”.

Also its silly that we missed out Halloween event with this old version.

I have sent the last several versions to the Groupees team and they are unresponsive. I just sent another e-mail to them to ask about this. If they don’t start responding, I’ll have to think of a way to take new build distributions into my own hands.

For now, please e-mail me at and I’ll send you version 1.1.1 myself. I’m very sorry about this.

I’m told that it’s up now.

Yes I downloaded the new 1.1.1 version thank you.

I tried resume old save on this new version, go create “new realm” and then game crashed, I figured maybe incompatible save. I created new game over the old save, working fine so far, leveled up monsters to around 13.

That definitely shouldn’t have happened. If you want to send your save file to me via e-mail at I’ll fix it for you. Sorry about that.

You can find your save file in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Siralim. The save file is called “siralimX.ini”, where X is the save slot numbered from 1 to 5 in the “Continue” menu of the in-game title screen.

Well, bumping old topic.

I didn’t have any way to get Groupees receipt, but now I see that Siralim is greenlit; will you be able to get with Groupees one last time to distribute steam key?

We have given up on them. You can still get a free Humble Bundle key as compensation though! Please read this topic:

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Hi Traxis,

Could you please e-mail me at with your receipt from Groupees? I’ll take care of it the rest!

[quote=“Zack, post:9, topic:302”]Hi Traxis,

Could you please e-mail me at with your receipt from Groupees? I’ll take care of it the rest![/quote]

Sent you an email with the PayPal payment receipt. Groupees didn’t send me any receipt at all back when I bought that bundle. Hope that’s good enough.

I wish you all the best of luck with the game’s launch tomorrow. Can’t wait to try the latest version ;D

Groupees distributed steam keys, thanks.