I am now in Endgame of Siralim 3 and ok… i have some goals and always something to do… but i miss some quests across multiple realms i could follow…

This could something be like “Kill 100 Life-Creatures” or “Finish 5 realms” or “Donate 5 times at a Shrine” - and i think the Guilds could be a nice Quest-Giver.

It is always a good feeling to solve a Quest - even if i solve them “by-the-way”

Perhaps the reward would be some ressources that are rebound to the guilds-progress - or something like that - the reward is not so important for me… i just love it to have a quest and know what i have to do the next hour.

I`ve played a browsergame where sometimes will be different quest-lines at the same time, and often the tasks are similar… so in this game it was possible to solve multiple quests by once. For siralim means that:… when i have to donate at shrines for one of the guilds i can kill some creatures for an other guild and visit realms for the third…this would be some kind of synergie between the guild-quests

The Realm-Quests are great… but i always have a little “down” between the realms when i have no active task to do… than i have to look at my big goals and ok… it works for me… but as i said some quests accross multiple realms would work great for my motivation :slight_smile:

I have unlocked prophecys in Siralim 3… its great and exactly what i needed :slight_smile: