Handle Dead Creatures?

So. Once in a great while, about once every 2-3 days, I’ve been getting mid battle errors that force the game closed. It’s not very harmful, game always starts back up just fine and USUALLY the auto save covers me (except daily realms, it never saves those), just wondering what it’s from and how I can avoid it. Still on Android 4.4 Kit Kat, HTC Inspire 510. Screenshots.

Is there a particular creature that dies when this happens? Maybe one of yours, or a certain type of enemy?

Wish I had been paying attention. It LOOKS like everyone on my side was alive in the screenshot. Only one I can’t see is my Berserker Fiend. But I will see when it happens again.


I’ve logged a few sets of screenshots for the errors. They keep changing and are all different and are becoming more frequent. However, I’ve noticed a pattern.

My Dragon Queen is ALWAYS next on the Action queue when it happens.

I am gunna switch it out today and see if the errors stop. Will keep you posted.